Roof Maintenance

The key to extending the life of your roof is maintenance. Regular roof maintenance can help avert weather damage caused by water, wind, debris and Vancouver’s unique climate, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on repairs and replacement work. Our team at Roy Dennis Roofing can help you form a maintenance plan, including visits by our staff to:

  • Inspect shingles for damage such as curling, buckling, loss of granular loft (used for UV protection), and for missing shingles

  • Inspect the roof itself for any signs of ridging, buckling or blistering

  • Check for mold, moss and organic debris

  • Check caulking and seals around vents, pipes and intakes/exhausts for signs of cracking or lifting

  • Check that eaves troughs and drainpipes are clear of organic debris, which can block or divert water drainage into unwanted areas

We recommend these visual inspections once to twice per year, and soon after any excessive storms (such as wind storms), so wear and damage can be caught early before causing larger, more expensive problems. Contact us today to find out how Roy Dennis Roofing can help you keep your roof for years to come.