Commercial Roof Repairs & Maintenance

A fully functioning, weatherproof roofing system is a very large portion of your organization’s investment, which protects your equipment, your staff, your clients and your reputation. As always, the key to prevention is regular maintenance, which is easily accomplished by inspecting your roof for:

  • Curling, buckling and peeling

  • Damaged or missing areas

  • Ridging, buckling or blistering of the roof structure

  • Mold, moss, algae or large amounts of organic debris

  • Cracking or lifting seals and caulking around vents, pipes and intakes/exhausts

  • Obstructed or leaking drainage pipes

Roy Dennis Roofing can provide your company with a complete maintenance package, including scheduling visits to inspect your roof on an annual or semi-annual basis. For more information on this service, please contact us.

Roofing Repairs

Our experienced crews understand the value of keeping your business operational while we work, so Roy Dennis Roofing ensures that visits to your site are conducted in a safe, proficient manner which will not interrupt your daily business. When you discover damage or leaking, contact our office to speak with an evaluator, who will visit your site and evaluate the condition of the roof, the building, and the effects of weather on its current status. Our teams will work with you to find the most appropriate solution, and to complete the work quickly and correctly. In the event of sudden damage and water ingress, we also offer 24-hour emergency service, and guaranteed response time within four hours of receiving your call.
For more information on our commercial services, please contact our office today.